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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Squirrels and World War III

Sorry, been out of touch for the past week. Government employed squirrels chewed through my phone lines and out went the connection.

Alex Jones has made a big prediction, the 2nd in his time onair, during my blackout period this week.

He believes, as many of us do, that the Neo-con warriors in power plan on staging a terror attack within the next two months. I also see the signs and feel that we're coming down to the wire, that the Neo-con war machine is running out of time to kick our nation/economy into full war mode.

It is vitally important that people who see this to tell their friends and family, to open the eyes and show those with blinders on that World War III isn't necessary, can be stopped, and should be, if only the American people resist the goose stepping Neo-cons who want to nuke the middle east, put America into martial law, and do it all in the name of peace and freedom.

All of the indicators and intelligence points to something big happening soon. I hope all Americans will resist the Fox-led FEAR campaign, and to fight for change in Congress. Removing the incumbants who have supported the tyrannical Bush administration may be the only way to get positive change.

Time is running out for the Neo-cons, and they are pumping and priming the media machine, the propaganda, everything in preperation for their personal agenda, to stage terror attacks and use those threats of terror to eliminate the constitution, shut the country down into a police state, and turn the middle east into a parking lot. Resist them. We must as Americans, as human beings. If we don't wake people up to these criminals, we may all be lost.


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