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Monday, August 07, 2006

NWO: First hand

A little post on what I experienced in OKC, back in the hot April of 1995, year of the Murrah bombing. Many people are still asleep to the facts, to the theories, there's even types that know about the truth and still blindly defend the system through cognitive dissonance. Most of these people are basing their own opinions on gut instinct and positive denial, believing that anyone who buys into conspiracy theories are of the opposite of them -- meaning all who ask questions and seek the truth are tinfoil hat wearing nuts.

Listen, I was in OKC in 95, I saw what a terror attack looks like, and I know what a city looks like once the media has descended and the National Guard is patroling the streets. Totally surreal. And it's easy to buy into the reality and purchase a ticket on the fear-driven NWO rollercoaster.

What should be in all of us is the desire to protect ourselves from seen and unseen enemies, to open our eyes and duck the blow. The theories on 9.11 are numerous and I won't bother digressing into those now. Point is, if you value your life and the lives of your friends and family, you owe it yourselves to wake up and at least ask questions.

I walked the streets in downtown OKC in 95. I saw blood on the pavement, I had itchy-trigger fingered Guardsmen pacing around me because I has a sack full of bottled water and food to deliver to the folks down there. I was also escorted out of an open office building because I went in to get a drink of water from a fountain in the lobby. And that reality will be a part of every American city soon, regardless of the facts behind what's going on. The prison walls are going up all around us, yet so many people out there are blindly, desperately defending the very system that is seeking to enslave us all.

We are in an infowar. And we should all struggle with those who argue against the truth, to continue justify the lies -- the government lies that easily become their own. One lie relfects another.

The internet has provided a platform for people to share ideas and opinions. That's good. We need all the discourse we can get in these dark times. But a lot of people think the government farts rainbows, and is this wonderful thing that cannot tell a lie, I got news for 'em... they're wrong. These same people, for the most part, have not walked down the streets of a city blown apart, and if they had, they would most likely have bought into the conspiracy theories put out by the government -- if only through fear and an overwhelming sense of self-preservation.

President Bush and the Neo-cons like to tell us that we're all living in a post 9.11 world, and we need to have a post 9.11 mindset. You know what, they're right. But it's not the mindset that they're looking for. They want us cowered and afraid to ask questions, to seek the truth and fight against corruption and lies.

By forging a future based on war, fear, and destruction, they have unwittingly woken up thousands, millions of people; not to the horrors of Islamo-fascism (Fox speak), but to state-sponsored terrorism and to opportunistic politicians.

I saw the reality of a war-torn city and police state tactics, and it helped wake me up. Just wait and watch as the New World Order cronies put in mandatory finger-printing scanners, police blockades, and forced microchips. Just wait for them to implement this NASCO corridor and rape cities all the way from Austin TX to Canada. Just wait and watch as you pay $7.00/gallon for gas and have water and power blackouts. Just wait and watch as your city is attacked, as mine was, and see martial law get put in place, with curfews and random searches. Just wait and watch as children are microchipped -- all for safety. All for the future.

This prison being built around us is real. All it takes to begin fighting it is courage, and open mind, and a desire to make our future our own, and not hand it over to a bunch of self-serving crooks that seek to enslave us all.


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