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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Miami protestor shot

I've got to get a little story on this one. Alex Jones played a clip today on his show of a Miami protest where a woman was shot by the police with rubber bullets. The woman survived and was only slightly wounded, but the point is she was not a threat to the police, and her only weapon was a paper protest sign, which she used to shield herself from the bullets that came her way.

The police then opened up and began firing at all of the protestors, hitting several of them. These were all peaceful protestors, and the police had no right or provocation to fire at them.

The thugs in uniform who fired at those protestors and laughed about it should be fired from their jobs and arrested for assaulting citizens. These kind of badge wearing criminals are the people that are supposed to protect and serve! See, they've been so conditioned that they now believe an unarmed protestor, an American citizen, is the enemy, no different than radical Muslims or terrorists.

If anyone reads this and watches the video, I urge you to show this video to others, especially to people you might know in law enforcement. Police need to be shown that this kind of blind aggression is wrong, and will only end with innocents hurt, lives lost, and JOBS LOST. Police who do this kind of thing should be fired immediately. They are unstable and dangerous, and they don't deserve to wear a badge.

Little piece of ironic justice -- the woman in red that they shot is an attorney! Ha! I smell lawsuits. Good.


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