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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Guns Boost Testosterone

The only thing raising my testosterone is the anger due to reading liberal psycho-babble like this.

See, studies like this are done for the benefit of social engineering. Months down the road we'll be seeing Handgun control Inc. or some other gun grabbing fruit batch offering up this tripe as documented proof that gun control is necessary, and that citizens are out of control with all of their... rights.

Who cares if handling a gun raises testosterone? I'm sure watching NASCAR does as well. We gonna ban car races? I'm sure playing violent video games does, too. We gonna ban video games? Uh... nevermind. Yes, they are trying to ban violent video games... well, the conservatives are. Every freedom has an enemy, some on the left, some on the right.

Criminals have guns. Always have, always will. The only solution to that is a well armed populace, armed not only with firearms, but with the knowledge of right and wrong and a moral compass that points in the right direction.


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