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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Long time no see

It's been about 2 months since my last post. My radio show's been keeping me busy in my off time. Well, that and video games.

Not much to post this time. Just lettin' all you know that I'm still here. And now ON THE RADIO! I hope everyone will tune in sometime.

Keep fighting the good fight out there. And be safe this New Year.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

My new show

My efforts have moved from blogging to hosting a radio show. I'm now on Revere Radio on Friday nights at 9pm, 10pm eastern. I rant about the same topics and issues that I do here.

There are a lot of great hosts and shows on Revere Radio. It's a terrific underground/independent radio network, all run by one very hard working patriot named Robb Revere. Thank you, Robb for the opportunity.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

People for 911 justice

I joined up. You should too. Now, all 5 of you who read my blog, go join up and spread it around. Spread the word. Spread it around like mustard on a ham sandwich.

Freedom, oh it tastes so good!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Google censors

Google, stop CENSORING websites! Stop it! Grow up and realise that you can't get away with silencing sites, clips, and articles simply because you don't condone or agree with what is being said. First amendment, ever hear about it?

Google admits to openly censoring sites for their Chinese hubs. Looks like they're starting now with American sites.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Kristol at TX speech

Fathead PNAC boy Bill Kristol got himself caught up in a little civil disobedience and some nasty truth from several infowarriors at a TX university speech yesterday.

I've been reading on some forums where people think those guys got out of hand, that they should have been more civil with Mr. Fathead Kristol. And one of the criticisms against the truthers that got me was people were complaining, saying that they shouldn't have interrupted Kristol, that they should have let him speak. First of all, this administration has had 5 years of unopposed time over the tv and airwaves to get their point across. Secondly, Kristol had been speaking already for over 30 minutes before anyone spoke out against him and the event. And thirdly, the American people have been silent for too long, both from fear and from apathy. It's time the American people are heard. And if what we say seems loud, angry, and full of bitterness, well it's justified because we've been told by those in power like Mr. Kristol that we are better off with a police state, endless war, and a sinking economy. The truth hurts, but these issues need to be addressed -- in private, in public, on the soapbox, in the halls of Congress, everywhere. The American people are fed up, and so am I.

Those fellows that spoke out against Kristol at the event deserve our respect and appreciation, not our criticism and condemnation.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

No to National ID!

Do not accept a National ID card! Mass public refusal is one of the best surefire ways to stop it. They can't control us if we refuse to accept the chains of slavery.

The states must pass legislation to put themselves in accordance with the Real ID act, which passed last year -- as an earmark provision attached to an appropriations bill for the troops in Iraq. No debate, no discussion, no research, no nothing. Most of our Senators voted on a bill that they had no even sufficiently researched.

But back to the states. Your state, my state, all states, must authorize the Real ID act to be in effect in the states themselves. Every state can and SHOULD pass bills to opt out of the REAL ID program. Call your state reps and senators and urge them -- DEMAND that they vote for any legislation opposing the REAL ID act.

The National ID card is all about control. That's it. It will open everyone up to mass fraud, identity theft, not to mention identity info gathering by government databases. It's all about the government knowing where you are, where you live, what you buy, whether or not you own guns, political groups you might be a member of, etc etc... The list goes on and on. It's about control and that's it. Don't believe the hype the government tries to sell you on the ID cards. We didn't need them before, we don't need them now. They're bad medicine.

Groups on the left and right are uniting to fight the ID cards. Good. The more our government acts like out of control maniacs, the more the people, all people, will unite against tyranny.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

10 Second Freefall

I'm not much of a fan of hiphop or reggae, but I heard a tune on Jack Blood's radio show yesterday that was just rockin. It's got a great beat, and also has some Alex Jones and Dr. Stephen Jones mixed in talking about the thermite and controlled demolition of the WTC towers.

Awesome song and lots of truth added in for good measure. Here's the link to the 3shoesposse, the great reggae patriots who coined the tune. Great work, guys! Check 'em out.

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